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Inquisitive Twos


Inquisitive Two’s Curriculum

(First 6 months of 2 year olds)
Miss Katie, Miss Mary, and Miss Traelyn: Room 204
Miss Shiann and Miss Breann: Room 203

This program specializes in basic introductory Preschool curriculum.

Weekly curriculum includes:

Daily language group, Sign language, safety, manners and etiquette, library day, sensory, music, game day, science activity, art creation and community service.

  • Introduce calendar: day, month, date, and year
  • Counting calendar 1-31
  • Introduce weather and identify different types of weather
  • Counting numbers 1-10
  • Identify basic colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, black, brown, and white
  • Identify basic shapes: square, triangle, circle, rectangle, star, oval
  • Identify different animals and their sounds
  • How to follow directions and partake in group time activities
  • Learn to sit on carpet square and sit crisscross-apple sauce
  • Basic vocabulary development
  • Continue learning sign language
  • Recognition of first name
  • Introducing potty training
  • Continue family style eating and table manners
  • Introduce drinking from regular cups

(Last 6 months of 2 year olds)
Miss Alma, Miss Ellie and Miss Morgan: Room 201
Miss Kassi, Miss Cori, and Miss Steph: Room 202

All skills from prior two rooms continue, while adding the following skills to our daily learning:

  • How to introduce themselves
  • Introduce rotating centers
  • Start Daily Helpers
  • Work on hand-washing skills
  • Recognizing letters of their names
  • Counting 1-31 on calendar and flash cards
  • Continue working on calendar and weather
  • Recognizing days of the week
  • Introduce alphabet sign language
  • Drinking from regular cups
  • Learn body parts