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Safety and Security


Koalaty Time has developed and implemented the most efficient and effective security system currently available.

Video Monitoring

Each classroom and all playgrounds are equipped with the state-of-the-art video monitoring cameras. These cameras are utilized for observation and supervision of the children and staff. The monitors are located in the offices of management and in the lobby areas. The system also records who is in the building and prints reports for disaster situations such as fires and tornadoes. This system not only serves as a security measure, but it also helps us evaluate and perfect a developmentally appropriate curriculum.

Open Door Policy

Our open door policy means you are always welcome to come by and observe your child’s progress and interaction with our staff and other children. Each parent or guardian will have a key fob for entering the building.


We are proud to offer Webcam as an extension of our open door policy. Parents may register and watch their child throughout the day on their computer. Webcam is available for a fee of only $25.00 per month. Please call for more information.

Webcam Login