Our Staff

Our staff is certified in CPR, First Aid, Mandatory Child Abuse, Essentials Training, and Universal Precautions. They are required to complete 10 hours of state certified continuing education each year. Staff members must also complete an additional 5 hours of early childhood training in-house.

We educate and guide each employee on how to follow and implement Koalaty Time’s policies and procedures, assuring that our strategically designed curriculum is followed at all times.

Every employee at Koalaty Time goes through a pre-employment investigation to insure your child’s protection. Screening is conducted through the DHS criminal history and Child Abuse record check, along with fingerprinting. Staff is subject to random drug and alcohol testing.


Owner, director

Years: 25
Why I do what I do: I love being able to provide a loving, nurturing, and structured environment. Building personal relationships with each and every family while implementing an elite learning program for their child's success in life is incredibly rewarding and humbling.
Mr. Jake

Mr. Jake

On Site Supervisor

Miss Courtney

On Site Supervisor

Miss Dorothea

Cook - 11 Years

Miss Katie - 6 Years

Infant Teacher

Miss Jayne

Infants - 13 Years

Miss Brooklyn

Infants - 8 Years

Miss Mindy

Infants - 2 Years

Miss Lexi

Infants - 9 Years

Miss Maria

One Year Olds - 2 Year

Miss Sandy

Two Year Olds - 19 Years

Miss Steph

Two Year Olds - 11 Years

Miss Kassie

Two Year Olds - 4 Years

Miss Alma

Two Year Olds - 6 Years

Miss Ellie

Two Year Olds - 3 Years

Miss Cori

Two Year Olds - 3 Years

Miss Katie

Two Year Olds - 3 Years

Mr. Chandler

Three Year Olds - 3 Years

Miss Sami

Three Year Olds - 2 Years

Miss Devon

Three Year Olds - 3 Years

Miss Sharmon

Three Year Olds - 26 Years

Miss Alyxis

Four Year Olds - 8 Years

Miss Rocky

Pre K - 25 Years

Miss Amy

Pre-K - 24 Years

Miss Jenny

Pre K - 13 Years

Our team members provide a consistent, creative, and positive energy to Koalaty Time, generating an optimal learning environment for each child.